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How do I fix an F6 Emergency Stop Fault code for a DG1 drive?

The emergency fault is an fault that is fed into a digital input. The first thing to do is to go into the programming and figure out what inputs is set for an emergency fault, it functions on an closed contact. Once the input it is assigned to is known go into the monitoring menu and see which input is causing the fault. The digital inputs can be seen in the monitor menu as an example if DIN3 was programmed for emergency fault, go into monitor menu and look at DIN1-3 and see if 3 is on or off. For it to be faulted the input should be on. The next step would be to check the voltage at this input to see if there is 24V there or not. If there is troubleshoot the circuit that is supposed to supply this input, if there is nothing wrong with the circuit it may be an issue with a blown input and the control board will have to be replaced. To be sure it is suggested that removing all external wiring and jumper 24V to the input and verify it functions properly.