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How do I fix an F63 Current Unbalance Fault code for a DG1 drive?

The output current unbalanced fault is the drive monitoring the positive and negative current swings if the absolute value of them is greater than a 20% difference the drive will shut down on an output current unbalanced. When this fault occurs it typically internally with the drive where one of the swings on the output are not firing in the IGBT or a stray voltage may be causing issues. To determine the phase it would be best to connect a oscilloscope up to the motor leads and look at the current wave form, this will show which phase would have an imbalance of the positive and negative phases. From there disconnect the motor and run the drive with no motor connected to check voltages balances. If the voltages are unbalanced it would mean an issue with the IGBT and static checks can be performed but would need to replace drive.