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How do I fix an F3 (Ground Fault) code for a 9000X Series drive?

The ground fault is a software function that monitors the sum of all of the output currents. The drive is looking for this to be less than 50% of the motor nameplate current. The first step is to disconnect the motor and run the drive. If the drive faults, more than likely the problem is in the drive but you should check the ground connections to make sure there is a solid ground, as noise can also cause this fault. If the drive does not trip it is best to try the drive on a test motor to see if it can run this. If the drive trips on a test motor, again this problem is likely to be in the drive so the drive should be replaced. If the drive works on the test motor hook back up to the motor in question and monitor the output with a zero sum CT. If you do not see the zero sum current get above the trip level but the drive is tripping this would also likely be the drive. If you do see the zero sum current get above the trip level the problem is outside of the drive and the motor and its cabling will need to be checked out.