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How do I fix an F13 (Unit Under Temp Fault) code for a 9000X Series drive?

The trip level for this is -10C on both the IGBTs and the power board. See unit over temp for an explanation of where these temps come from in the CPX Troubleshooting Guide. If the drive gets too cold, we are concerned about there being condensation or frost on the boards. There is a great potential of shorting out the fine pitch circuitry on the printed circuit board so we trip the drive off. The other thing we are concerned about with low temperatures is solder connections cracking and causing a poor connection. If it is getting this cold around the drive you will have to raise this temperature somehow. In some of the large frame drives we have seen this be a false trip from the gate drivers or ASICs boards. This should be pretty simple to figure out if this is a false trip on not given the environment that the drive is in. If you have a star coupled drive, the module should tell you which power unit the fault is coming from. If the fault is in the master drive it will display power1 and if it is in the slave it will display power2. You can go to the system menu and look in the power monitor to look at the temperatures fed up to the drive in the larger frame sizes. This will point you to what power module the issue lies in if it is a false temperature being fed up to the control module.