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We just installed a HVX9000 VFD and on the display menu we can see the motor's RPM and we scroll to get the HZ, but we wonder if we can set the HZ display as the main display instead of the RPM.

To set a specific monitored value in the HVX9000, SVX9000, and SPX9000 screen on the operate menu follow these steps.

1. Enter programming mode

2. Scroll up to System Menu and press the right arrow key once

3. Scroll up to Keypad Settings and press the right arrow key once

4. Scroll up to Default page/OM and press the right arrow key once

5. Scroll up or down to select a specific menu option that you want to display. (Refer to the specific User manual for designated value entry for operate menu items specified by O#.#; example RPM for HVX9000 drives is value O.1 so set this value to a 1, but RPM for SVX9000 is value O.3 and would need to be set to 3).

6. Press Enter to save the change.