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Miniature Breakers

What do SWD and HID rating signify for circuit breakers?

Can I use a maintained signal for a shunt trip in an Eaton breaker?

What are the part numbers for handle ties?

How to determine if a BAB Breaker with Switching Neutral can have a shunt trip added to it?

Can an AFCI breaker be used on a 50Hz circuit? 

Is GHBGFEP @ 277/480V breaker CSA listed ?

Can I use UL1077 (Supplementary) Breaker for running a motor?

Quicklag QCD miniature circuit breaker dimension sheet

Does Eaton make red handled breakers for Fire Alarm circuits?

are 2D or 3D cad models available for the FAZ UL489 series

Can BAB breaker handle locks be locked in the on and off position.

Are Quicklag cable-in/cable-out, plug-on, and bolt-on miniature circuit breakers suitable for use at 400 Hz?

How to determine if a low energy shunt trip can be added to a Quicklag Breaker?

What replaces WMZ breakers?

Are FAZ UL489 Miniature Breakers rated for 80% or 100%?

What is the terminal material of construction for FAZ miniature circuit breakers?

What is the difference between a QC and a QCD breaker?

How many wires will the terminals of Quicklag miniature circuit breakers accept?

How many operations are Heinemann circuit breakers rated for?

What is the watt loss for Eaton Quicklag industrial miniature circuit breakers?

What wire gauge is used on Quicklag Ground Fault pigtails?

How to order 3 phase Quicklag breaker with ground fault protection?

Can I install an industrial HQP breaker in a CH or BR type loadcenter?

What are the terminal torque values for the FAZ breakers for used in North America?

What replaces Type BA breaker ?

What are the wire sizes that a BAB breaker will accept?

Are FAZ breakers certified for railway applications?

What is the Quicklag breaker freeze testing limit ?

how to order Quickleg breakers with special terminals

Are FAZ Miniature Breakers rated for 48Vdc or less?

I need a time current curve (tcc) for my circuit breaker

Please confirm whether the QBGFT breaker would work with 50 Hz application.

Is there a replacement screw available for Quicklag breaker terminals?

Can Quicklag miniature dummy circuit breakers carry current?

Can a QC breaker be mounted on din rail?

Are there optional terminals available for the QCR/QCF Breakers?

What is the catalog number for a Quicklag miniature 1 pole dummy breaker?

What breaker-mounted accessories are available for QCR/QCF miniature circuit breakers?

What is the temperature rating for terminals on Quicklag breakers?

What is the replacement for a QCL/HQCL breaker?

Are Eaton molded case circuit breakers rated for 50/60 Hz applications?

What is the replacement for a British Standard Miniature Breaker?

Do Eaton's Industrial Miniature circuit breakers carry a DC rating?

What are applicable terminal torque values for Quicklag QC-style miniature circuit breakers?

How to determine if Marine Rating can be added to Quicklag Ground Fault Breaker?

How do I determine characteristics for an ELQ breaker?

How to determine if Quicklag HQP, QC, or BAB switching neutral breaker can have a shunt trip?

What is the current rating for the FAZ busbars?

Do your molded case breakers offer a trip free feature ?

Do we have a minimum operating temperature for our CH, BR, Quicklag breakers? 

What lock-off would be used with a QCGF10xx?

What is the Lug and Screw Size of FAZ…..RT ?

What is the mean time between failure data for FAZ breakers?

Do Quicklag breakers use asbestos as any part of their construction?

what is the temperature ratings of the BAB/BABH lugs?

What is the Maximum temperature withstanding rating for the terminals of FAZ breaker

Are C-Series, G-Series, and Quicklag Circuit Breakers UL 489 listed?

Does Eaton offer a Bolt-On Dual Purpose Arc Fault/Ground Fault Breaker?

Are the UL489 FAZ-NA miniature circuit breakers rated for Primary Protection or just supplementary protection?

What trip curves are available for the FAZ UL489 breakers?

Is a shunt trip available for a Quicklag QBGF/QBGFEP miniature circuit breaker?

Does adding a shunt trip impact the dimensions of a Quicklag miniature circuit breaker?

Will Arc Fault breakers work on 50Hz systems?

What is the terminal torque values of QCR/QCF breakers?

Does adding a shunt trip change the dimensions of a BAB switching neutral breaker?

Does Eaton have Quicklag breakers with Arc Fault protection.

Does adding a Bell Alarm or Auxiliary switch change the size of a QBGF breaker?

How can I tell if a breaker is Switching Duty Rated?

Can Quicklag Ground Fault Breakers be Calibrated to 50 Degrees C?

How do I determine terminal torque requirements for miniature circuit breakers?

How to thermally derate Quicklag Type Breakers?

How to order a miniature breaker with switching neutral and ground fault?

How to determine why Miniature/Quicklag breakers trip without power to the terminals?

How do I order screw secured, heavy duty, base mounting plates for QC breakers?

How to determine if Quicklag Ground Fault Breaker can be used on 50Hz.

How to determine if miniature molded case switches are high magnetic or non-automatic?