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Do you have dc 1000A 2 pole mccb?

Eaton offers 50kAIC/250VDC rated 2-pole circuit breakers at current ratings up to 1200A as the HLDDC-frame device.  This circuit breaker is a 4 pole frame that utilizes two poles connected in parallel to make up each pole of of the 2-pole device.  Eaton also offers other 600VDC rated circuit breakers in 3-pole configurations at current ratings up to 3000A.

Reference the following web link and when the document found through the web link opens, select the active web sub-link titled "Direct Current Circuit Breakers" under the Specialty Breakers area of the catalog section near the bottom of the table of contents page of the document, then browse catalog content from that point forward:

Eaton Molded Case Circuit Breakers online catalog section, Volume 4 Tab 2