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Can fine stranded wire be used with standard Eaton MCCB terminals?

Presently fine stranded wire, also known as locomotive cable or wire, welding cable or wire, or highly flexible cable or wire, cannot be landed directly on standard Eaton molded case circuit breaker (MCCB) terminals.  While terminals to accept fine stranded wire or cable directly on Eaton MCCBs are under development, they are not projected to be available until late 2017.

As an alternative to being able to land fine stranded wire directly on currently available MCCB terminals, if an appropriate compression termination such as a pin or ferrule is crimped onto the end of the finely stranded wire, that pin or ferrule can be landed in an appropriate standard available MCCB terminal for the circuit breaker in question.  Landing a single conductor on a standard MCCB terminal is always acceptable.