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What do faults saying "Re-pair required" mean on the C445 motor management relay? How do I fix it?

The C445 system identifies the type of modules connected in the system. If you remove a module and replace it with a new catalog number after the system has already been powered, a fault will occur. This fault will indicate which module it affects and note that a system repair is required. For example, if you removed a measurement module and replaced it with a unit that has a different current range the fault would read "New Measurement Module - Re-Pair Required (26)." The C445 does this because many parameters available are based on system configuration. In this example, your FLA range available to the system would have changed from when you initially comissioned the system. If you did not intend to change the system, connect a module that matched what was there before. If you did, you can easily repair the system on the C445UM user interface using the following steps. Note that you may also connect to Power Xpert inControl and select the "Re-pair" service there as well.
1. Press OK to clear out of fault screen 
2. Navigate to the "PRG" Menu
3. Select 13. Services and press OK
4. Select 2. Re-pair external modules and press OK
5. Press RUN
6. The system will power cycle. When it turns back on, press RESET to clear the fault