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What are the required system components for the Power Xpert C445 Motor Management Relay?

Order the following catalog numbers for a complete C445 system:

  • Base Control Module (C445B...)
  • Measurement Module (C445M...)
  • Connection Cable (D77E...)
  • Programming Cable (C445XS-USB-MICRO)
  • Power Xpert inControl Software (Free Download)

In addition to the required products above, it is recommended that you add the following components to your system:

  • User Interface (C445UC... + Additional Connection Cable) - Provides local motor control and status outside of a system's enclosure. Available in various NEMA and IEC configurations based on the operation mode for the application (FVNR Starter, FVR Starter, 2-Speed Starter, MCCB Actuation, Overload Only) 
  • Real-Time Clock and Memory Backup Module (C445XO-RTC) - Plugs into the base control module providing non-volatile backup memory and clock management. Allows for faults to be time stamped and can store C445 configuration parameters in order to quickly transfer configuration parameters to additional units with minimal downtime.

See our catalog Volume 5, Tab 5 - Motor Protection and Monitoring for selecting each component above in the C445 system.