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What do I replace my CEP7 old obsolete solid state overload relay with?

The CEP7 family of solid state overload relays was obsoleted in 2013.  They were all seperately mounted meaning none of them stabbed up into the contactors.  They have terminals on the top and bottom to bring cables in and out. The current offering of solid state overload relays is the C440 family.  Select the stand alone (seperately mounted) versions of the C440 based on the full load amps (FLA) of the motor.  The C440 has all of the features that the CEP7 did including phase loss, phase imbalance and selectable trip class.  The CEP7 did not have ground fault.  C440 is availalble with or without ground fault.  For easy retrofit to your existing mechanical reset button, be sure to get the reset plate that attaches to the front of the C440.  Part# is ZEB-XRB

See catalog pages for specific part#s of the C440.   Volume 5 tab 5 page 61.