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Does C445 allow you to set a Communication Loss Timeout value?

Yes, C445 allows you to set the Comm Loss Timeout value:

Min: 0ms – this setting means the timeout is disabled or infinite.

Max: 65535ms

Default: 2000ms

You will only see this setting in C445 for ModbusTCP, RS485, and USB.

The specifications for Ethernet/IP and PROFIBUS dictate the Comm timeout. We implement it as defined for those two networks. The communication timeout for an Ethernet/IP slave device is the RPI (Requested Packet Interval) times the Ethernet/IP communication timeout multiplier.  In RSLogix5000, the Ethernet/IP Communication multiplier is not available for modification. It is fixed at 4. The RPI time is variable and is available to be modified for each slave device. If for example the RPI is configured as a 5ms then the communication loss timeout for that slave device is 20ms. The RPI time is only set in the master. For Rockwell PLC users, it’s set on the Property pages in RSLogix5000. We do not set that directly in our device. The master sends it to our product each time the connection is established.


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