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NEMA Contactors and Starters

How do I wire multiple start/stop pushbutton stations to a motor starter?

How do I wire a timer to an electrically held lighting contactor?

How do I select a contactor or motor starter?

Lighting Contactor Selection

Why is my coil making a humming noise?

Is OXM12DM a good part number ?

Looking for a 30amp normally closed DP contactor ?

What is considered normal temperatures of terminals on contactors and starters?

In regards to the C30CNM mechanically held lighting contactors, what is the difference between 2-wire and 3-wire control modules?

Do you have a troubleshooting and maintenance guide for contactors and starters?

I need coil resistance for my contactor and starter

What is the difference between contactors and starters?

How do I select a definite purpose or DP contactor or starter?

How do I find the coil voltage on a Freedom contactor/starter?

what is the pick up and drop out voltage on IT EM contactor and starters?

Freedom series starter heater charts

Do you have a AC / DC rectifier for a DC contactor coil

Freedom Series Contactors and Starters Overview

How do I select a Freedom NEMA open contactor or starter?

Please provide operating time (pick up & drop out time) of CN15GN3_L & CN15AN3_T1B contactors with DC coils ?

What is the difference between C440, XTOE and ZEB overload relays?

Are C30CN lighting contactors suitable for use with LED applications?

Pick up and drop out coil voltage ratings on C25 coils?

I have a size 6 starter A200M6CXZ2XD6. Could you tell me what the Z2XD6 codes mean?

Freedom Accessories & Replacement Parts

What is the derating factor for higher altitudes using Freedom contactors and starters?

I need a contactor for switching my transformer

Starter & contactor lines that are Marine approved, (ABS or DNV certifications).

How to decode the date code in NEMA Freedom/A200 series contactors

What is the replacement part for the old A200 series contactor interlock 503C782G01

When did Eaton change the rating of the DPM contactor from 1000VDC to 750VDC?

What trip class are the heaters for the MS series starter ?

A201 Definite Purpose Contactors?

Where is the part number located on Freedom contactors and starters?

Can I use a motor rated contactor for a lighting load?

Can I DIN rail mount a Freedom contactor?

Lighting Contactors Product Overview

Can I mount a C25 Definite Purpose contactor on DIN rail?

How do I select an enclosed Freedom NEMA starter?

What are the replacement lugs for a C25HNE3120 contactor?

How do I tell the polarity of a DC Coil for Contactors and Starters?

Where can I find a replacement parts for my Advantage W201/W200 contactor or starter?

How do I select a heater for size 5 or larger starter with CTs?

Do I need to change my PLC program if I switch from using Advantage starters on DeviceNet (WPONIDNA) to either C440 or C441 overloads?

C440 Overload

What is replacement for IT NEMA starters and contactors?

Can I replace the pigtail shunt connector on a model 1000 contactor?

Can I replace the pigtail shunt connector on a model 920 or 921 contactor?

Is there a replacement for the obsolete MD810 DC Contactor?

Is there a replacement for the obsolete MD701 or MD710 DC Contactor?

What is the coil load of the ME contactor coils?

C25 Definite Purpose Auxiliary Contacts

A200 Auxiliary Contacts

What is the mechanical life of an Eaton Definite Purpose Contactor?

Need an auxiliary contact for a contactor or starter

What size wire does the A202K3 100amp lighting contactor take ?

What is a motor management relay?

What is the difference between the Advantage W200 and W+200 starters?

What is the country of origin for the Definite Purpose Contactors?

Are the C440 C441 and C445 electronic boards conformally coated.

Can I use Series B heater packs in Series A C306 overload relays?

Can you reverse feed contactors or starters?

What is the difference between a A200 "K" and A200 "M" starter?

We need the Instruction Leaflet for the A200 series starters NEMA Size 0, 1 & 2.

Can I replace my Citation starter?

A200 Contactor & Starter Drawings

Lighting Contactor Accessories & Replacement Parts

A200 Accessories and Replacement Parts

A200 Series Contactors and Starters Overview

Where do I find the AC/DC inrush and sealed data for Freedom contactor/starter coils?

What does the M mean on the end of my A200 starter number?

Where do I set the dial on a Freedom C306 overload for 1.15 service factor motor?

What replacement parts are available for C825 contactors?

What is the difference in a C306NN3 and a 10-6530-4 overload relay?

What size CPT (control transformer) should I use on a C30CNE lighting contactor?

Can I still order a C320DC to convert an AC Freedom Series coil to DC?

What is the part number of the Reset Button on an open AN16 or C306 Freedom Overload Relay?

Can B200 starters accept A200 coils and contact kits?

What does the "N" indicate on the J11N?

What is the contact material on the A200 Series of contactors and starters?

Does the J11 interlock operate as break-before-make?

Do you publish contact resistance for your Freedom Contactors and Starters?

Do you offer Add-on-Instructions for Motor Protection products (C440, C441, C445)

Can I replace the pigtail shunt connector on a model 913 or 923 or 933 contactor?

Can I replace the pigtail shunt connector on a model 912 or 932 contactor?

Are there AC coils available for 6702 Type D Contactors?

What is the electrical life of an Eaton Definite Purpose Contactor?

Can XTOB overload relays be separate mounted?

Lighting Contactor Drawings

What are the torque values for A200 line and load lugs (Main power terminals)

Looking for replacement EMA auxiliary contact

Do the A200 series thermal overload relays have a DC voltage rating ?

What is the contact material use in the IT motor control line? 

What is contact kit P/n for the AN16FN0 freedom size 1 3/4 ?

What is the replacement for part 373B331G08 ?

Where can I find instructions for a B100 manual starter?

Do Eaton NEMA Contactors work at 25Hz Frequency

Electrical Life data for Vacuum Contactors

Are these contactors (A251K8CU) comes with a mechanical interlock to use them when two contactors are being used on one application (for Forward and Reverse)?

where can I find replcement for 9441H400 drum switch?