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What is the difference between a A200 "K" and A200 "M" starter?

The NEMA rated A200 "K" is a horizontal starter. The NEMA rated A200"M" is a vertical starter. This means that the vertical starter has 2 single pole overloads with one mounted on each side of the contactor. The vertical starter has the 2/3 pole overload mounted below the contactor and coupled to the contactor via bus bars.

The horizontal starter is no longer in production. Current NEC code requires new installations have overload protection on all 3 phases for 3 phase motors. However, single poles overloads can be replaced on the existing product in the same installation being allowed to be grandfather in.

The A200 Vertical starter is still offered today. It is consider vintage aftermarket product for existing replacements only and has a higher cost then our current  Freedom NEMA offering of contactors and starters. .


For the current NEMA rated starters offered see the Freedom line of contactors and starters link below. 

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