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Can I change the voltage of my E26 stacklight?

The E26 stacklights do have field replaceable bulbs.  You can change the bulb out to different voltage and use your stacklight at that new voltage.  The base does not care what voltage is applied to it.  As long as your bulb voltage matches that of the voltage being applied to the base, it will work.   See attached catalog page for replacement bulb part#s.  Incandascent bulbs can be replaced with LED bulbs.

The E26 family of stacklights is the older family and has been replaced by the SL7 series.  Contact your local Eaton Electrical distributor for availability of these parts.  They will be migrated into obsolete status some time is the 2016-2017 time frame.  See volume 7 tab 2 for the SL7 offering - link below.


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