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Replacement Rocker Switch

If you have equipment that utilizes an Eaton rocker switch, and that rocker needs replacement, then the optimal solution is to contact the manufacturer of the equipment that the rocker is installed in, or their dealers, for parts.

If that manufacturer is no longer providing aftermarket support for your equipment then you may be able to find a replacement from one of our stocking distributors online, but this will require several steps as follows:  Our rocker switch catalog is linked below.  The first few pages have pictures and dimensions that you can use to identify which line of rockers yours belongs to.  Once you have identified a line, proceed to the catalog number selection pages for that specific line.  The catalog number selection breakdown will show you what information is required in order to build a part number.  Our online distributors may not stock the exact part number that you generate, but they may have something similar enough in functionality that it can be used on your equipment.  For example, your rocker may have custom engravings or lights in certain positions, but you may be able to find a blank switch with the same circuit diagram that will allow you to get your equipment running.  We have a distributor stock check linked below, and you can also try searching,, and

Rocker Switch Catalog

Rocker Switch Webpage

US Distributor Stock Check

If you are unable to obtain a replacement from the original equipment manufacturer, and you are trying to obtain a similar replacement from a stocking distributor, but you are unable to identify the specific line of rocker switches that yours belongs to, email images from the front, side and rear of the rocker to