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Magnum Digitrip 520/520M/520MC

ARMS/Maintenance Mode on 520MC and 1150+ trip units

Power Breaker Trip Unit Test Kit

What is the latch check switch on Magnum and NRX breakers?

Magnum DS and SB

NRX Digitrip 1150

Magnum Renewal Parts

Magnum Digitrip 1150

How to change the trip setting on a Magnum or NRX breaker

Magnum Digitrip Communications

NRX with Power Xpert Release (PXR)

Digitrip Time/Current Curves

VCP-T Digitrip 520V/520MCV

VCP-T Digitrip 1150V

VCP-T Vacuum Circuit Breaker

What are the ratings for the shunt trip?

Communication Adapter Modules (CAM)

DS and DSII Circuit Breakers

NRX Renewal Parts

Series NRX Breakers

How do I reset my RMS digitrip?

Power Breaker Retrofill

Remote Racking Devices

Magnum Breaker Lockout

What is the difference between K=1 and K>1 breakers?

VCP-W Vacuum Circuit Breaker

What are the ratings for the spring release?

NRX Digitrip 520/520M

Undervoltage Release (UVR)

Systems Pow-R Breaker (SPB)

What is the burden of the digitrip power supply?