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S801+ and S811+ internal fan operation

S801+ S811+  Internal Fan Operation.

The Fans are turned on when the temperature reaches 55C(131F). Once on, they will not turn off until the temperature drops to 45C(113F) A power cycle will turn fans off if below 55C.

The fans will run regardless of any other function if the temperature is above 55C

The fans are always turned on when the start button is pressed to initiate a start (even if the temperature is below 55C) they remain on through the start until bypass is engaged.

Once in bypass, the fans remain on for 15 minutes. After the 15 minute timeout the fans are handed back to temperature control.

Depressing the jog button turns on the fans for as long as the jog function is executed. Once the jog function is ended, the fans will run for 15 minutes.

When a stop is initiated, the fans are again force on. After the stop is completed, the fans will run for 15 minutes. A power cycle will reset this and not force the fans on.