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Are S811+ soft starters SIL3?

Safety integrity level (SIL) is defined as a relative level of risk-reduction provided by a safety function, or to specify a target level of risk reduction with any configuration of selected components.

In simple terms, SIL is a measurement of performance required for a safety instrumented function (SIF).The requirements for a given SIL are not consistent among all of the functional safety standards.

In the functional safety standards based on the IEC 61508 standard, four SILs are defined, with SIL 4 the most dependable and stringent while SIL 1 is the least.

A SIL is determined based on a number of quantitative factors in combination with qualitative factors such as development process and safety life cycle management.

As such, the S811+ does not have a SIL rating as a stand alone device, but can be included in a control operating system that does achieve a SIL rating.

In industrial applications, a SIL3 level is commonplace.for many applications. Produces components that may be used in an application requiring a SIL rating that can be found at the link below.