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Why is the S811+ /S811 stuck in LCD DIM Menu?

There are several explanations for this condition. Some can be corrected in the field, some cannot.

1.) The DIM is not communicating with the S811+ unit. The DIM may be faulty and/or the blue cable connecting it to the S811+ is faulty. If the DIM is mounted in a door mount kit, the black adapter that is fitted into the DIM pocket of the S811+ may also be faulty. This condition may be indicated by the letters OFLN on the to command bar of the S811+

2.) An S811+ DIM has been inserted into an S801+. Unless the S801+ has been configured to accept a DIM, this condition cannot be corrected in the field other than to reinstalled the original CIM to restore operation. 

3.) The firmware in the unit has become corrupted. This condition is rare and the sequence of events that takes place that causes this condition is not understood. If the printed circuit board can be reloaded with the software, operation can be restored. Reprogramming in the field is not avasilavble at this time. The printed circuit board can be replaced with a serviceable unit to restore operation.