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How do I find drawings for dry type distribution transformers?

The key to finding a drawing for a dry type distribution transformer is to first find the correct frame size for it.  The frame is listed on the nameplate of the transformer.

Many of the frames for the DOE 2016 efficient transformers are listed here DOE2016 Efficient Transformer Technical Data

For those with access to Vista.  Check the 'DIA INF' field on the Product Maintenance screen by placing an asterisk '*' in place of the Y and hitting Enter.

For those with access to Bid Manager.  Build up the part number in the Transformer takeoff of Bid Manager and check the bottom of the page to see if the Frame size is shown.

If the frame can't be found from above methods, please contact the TRC Distribution team for assistance in identifying the frame size.

Once the frame is identified the drawing itself is available through a general search on or the search window at the top right of most Eaton webpages.  Make sure to use an "FR" prefix when searching, ex. 940 can be found searching for FR940.