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What is the two - tier series rating of the Eaton BR load centers ?

The 2-T series rating for the Eaton BR load centers are as per the document attached, the detailed summary can be read as below for your quick reference :



Machine generated alternative text: Two-Tier Se,ies Ratings for Type BR LoadcentersMaximum 24OVAC Short Feeder Breaker Loadcenter Branch BreakerCircuit Rating or Main Device Type Eaton Type10,000Main Lugs OnlyBR, BRAF, BRD, BD, BQ, BQC, GFCBBR, CC, BW22,000Main Lugs OnlyBAHBRH, EDBBR,BRH,BRAF,GFCB25,000BWH, CSR, CHH_H242,000BRHH, CHHH4, EDS65,000ED, FO, FOE100,000EDC, EOH, HFD, CHH100,000T and J fuse 200A maxR fuse 100A maxBR* Twin breakers are not series rated with Type ED and FD feeder breakers