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Can a CH loadcenter interior/gut fit into another CH loadcenter?

  • You cannot place a CH loadcenter interior/gut into another CH loadcenter. This violates UL listing.
  • You cannot place a BR loadcenter interior/gut into another BR loadcenter. This violoates UL listing.
  • You cannot place a CH loadcenter interior/gut into a BR loadcenter. CH and BR loadcenters are specific to their own; CH loadcenters only include CH-type breakers and BR loadcenters only include BR-type breakers.

Retrofit Interior Kits: Eaton's unique Retrofit Interior allows the customer to cost-effectively and safely upgrade an electrical service without removing the existing enclosure from the wall. It is designed and tested specifically for renovating an outdated electrical panel in an apartment, a condominium, or a single family home.

   Opportunities to Retrofit:

  • Single or Three-Phase
  • Main lug only or main breaker
  • Up to 42 Circuits
  • Up to 225A interiors, 400A available upon request
  • Available with CH breakers (3/4-inch) with copper bus or BR breakers (1-inch) with aluminum bus
    • Limited Lifetime warranty on all CH branch breakers and loadcenters

 Please see the link below to more information of Features and Benefits of the Retrofit Interior Kits for Eaton's Loadcenters.

Retrofit Interior Kits Type BR and Type CH Catalog link:

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