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What is the "Conditions of Acceptability Report" for GBK ground bars?

The UL Conditions of Acceptability for Eaton GBK Series Ground Bars are as follows:

1. The connectors have been tested in accordance with UL486B for a 75 degree Celsius Rating. Aluminum of Copper wiring may be used.


2. For wire size (awg) range is as follows:

No. 14-10 tightening torque 20 in-lbs

No. 8 tightening torque 25 in-lbs

No. 6-4 tightening torque 35 in-lbs

1-3 wires of the same size and material may be used in each terminal for No.10-14 awg, and only 1 wire may be used in each terminal for No. 8-4 awg.


3. Consideration should be given to the need for marking the end use equipment with the catalog number, wire range and assigned torque as determined by the end use equipment requirements.


4. The means of mounting should be considered in the end use equipment.