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Can crimp lugs be used on safety switches?

Yes for 30-800 amp Heavy Duty Switches but there are limitations and exceptions:


1) We will not install any crimp lugs here at the factory.  All crimp lugs are field installed.

2) The switch MUST be NEMA 12; NEMA 4 or NEMA4X.

3) On 30-200 amp switches the customer removes the factory supplied lugs and then installs the crimp lugs.    Customer must 
    choose lugs that are listed on the PUB label on the inside of the switch.

4) On 400-800 amp switches a crimp lug pad needs to be installed.  A customer can order this as a field kit from our catalog or order
    the safety switch with the crimp lug pad kit factory installed (switch will have -00CK suffix in the catalog number).