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DG1 Ethernet IP settings

To use a DG1 drive in Ethernet IP  network,  please follow the steps below:


1) Set  DG1 Ethernet IP  Parameters under communication menu and assign a unique IP address. 

2) Based on the control and speed source, please set P1.11 , P1.12 , P1.14 and P1.15 according your project requirements

3) Please review Assembly  instances in the DG1 communication menu and decide which Input and output Assemblies will be used.  

4) You can use DG1 EDS file if your PLC allows you to use it.  Abovementioned assemblies will be seen after the EDS file  is imported in your PLC Software.  This EDS file can be downloaded from 

5) If DG1 drive will be controlled over Ethernet IP, NetCtrl  bit in Control Word. must be true.  ( Please check your assemblies ) 

6) If the speed reference will be sent over Ethernet IP , NetRef bit  in Control Word must be true and speed reference must be sent.


For more information , please use DG1 application manual and DG1 communication manual  at

  1. P1.11_-P1.12_P1.14__P1.15.pdf
  1. PowerXL_Communication_Ethernet_IP.pdf
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