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How do I create a detailed report with CHStudio for an Entire DeviceNet System?

Below are instructions for configuring DeviceNet products with CHStudio and then creating a detailed report:

1. Go online with the DeviceNet network from CHStudio.

2. Configure all DeviceNet slave devices.

3. From the Location bar, back out to CHStudio's topmost screen (called Studio).

4. Right click on the Communication Driver icon and choose Run Report.

5, The right portion of the screen will display the report and will include a detailed representation of all of the DeviceNet products and all of their configuration parameters as they are configured.

       - You have the option to print the report by selecting File -> Print.

6. Save the report by selecting File -> Save As.  You can save it as an HTML file or as a Text file.

7. When finished, click the lower of the two Xs in the upper right hand corner of CHStudio, closing the report.