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How do I install CHStudio (or NETView) on a Notebook Computer with SST PCMCIA DeviceNet Interface Card?

The following procedure will allow CHStudio and NetView to operate online with your DeviceNet network via the SST DeviceNet PCMCIA interface card (SST part number: 5136-DNP-PCM-SM). This procedure requires that there is access to the internet and that there is a PCMCIA slot in the computer. 

1. Install the Cutler-Hammer software, CHStudio or NetView.

2. Reboot the computer after the software has been successfully installed.

3. Create 2 new folders on the hard  drive called WIN2K_XP and DN32_Rel (These will be used to store the files which will be downloaded from the SST website).

4. Access the SST website (

5. From the SST homepage, click Download located at the top of the page.

6. Users will need to register to download the drivers.

7. Once registered and on the SST Download Center page, under "Option 1. Downloads by Part Number", choose product 5136-DNP-PCM-ST, and then click Go.

8. From the page that appears, single click on the first driver, Download WIN2K XP driver and

9. Read the License Agreement, then single click a WIN2K XP driver and and choose Save.  Then choose the folder WIN2K_XP that was created and save the file.

10. When thils file download is complete, go back to the SST Download Results page and repeat steps 8 and 9 for the second driver listed, Download  Save this file to the other folder DN32_Rel.

11. Exit the SST website.

12. Access the folder named DN32_Rel.  Extract the files from the file to this same folder using WINZIP.

13. Access the folder under DN32_Rel named disk1 and run the Setup application file to install this driver.

14. Access the folder named WIN2K_XP. Extract the files from the WIN2K XP driver and file to this same folder using WINZIP.

15. Install this driver by double clicking on Win2000 and WinXP SST Driver Update.

16. Once both drivers are installed, reboot the computer.

17. Plug the 5136-DNP-PCM, PCMCIA card into a PCMCIA slot in the computer.  Windows2000 will detect the card automatically.

18. From the Found New Hardware Device Drivers screen that appears, click Next, then choose "Search for a suitable driver for my device" and click Next.

19. On the next page that appears, select only "Specify a location" and click Next.

20. Browse for the following path: C:\Program Files\SST\Driver, then click OK.

21. The driver will install and the DeviceNet PCMCIA card should now be ready for use with the Cutler-Hammer DeviceNet configuration software.

The following contains separate instructions for CHStudio and NetView.


1. Start CHStudio. The driver named 5136-DNP-PCM-0000 should be displayed.

2. With this driver highlighted, click online and users should be able to go online with the DeviceNet network.


1. NetView only recognizes a driver anmed Driverxxx, where xxx is 250, 258, etc. In most cases, Driver250 will be used.

2. To change the driver name, right click on My Computer, then select Manage, then Device Manager.  Click the plus sign next to Industrial Network Adapters to reveal the 5136-DNP-PCM driver.

3. Double click 5136-DNP-PCM, then select the Advanced tab.

4. Change the Name to: Driver250.  Click Update then OK.

5. The computer may require a reboot.

6. Start NetView.  Under Settings then Configuration, choose Card I/O Port 250.

7. Go online with NetView.  If Card I/O Port does not work, go back into Manage, Device Manager, Industrial Network Adapters and 5136-DNP-PCM and select tab Resources.  The Input/output Range should show the Card I/O Port used.