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How do I power communications modules for the S611?

The TB4 terminal block of the S611 is intended to provide control power for the communications adapters.

CAUTION – Do not make of break connections between the S611 and the C441 Communications Adapter any power applied to the S611. If the C441 is connected with either mains and/or control power applied to the S611, permanent damage to the S611 printed circuit board will result.

The following adapters are for use with the S611:

C441M – Modbus adapter without I/O.

C441N – Modbus adapter with 120Vac I/O.

C441P – Modbus adapter with 24Vdc I/O.

C441K – DeviceNet adapter with 120Vac I/O.

C441L – DeviceNet adapter with 24Vdc I/O.

C441S – PROFIBUS adapter with 120Vac I/O.

C441Q – PROFIBUS adapter with 24Vdc I/O.

C441R – Ethernet IP/Modbus TCP adapter with 120Vac I/O.

C441T – EtherNet IP/Modbus TCP adapter with 24Vdc I/O.