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Gateways & SmartWire

How can I find Smartwire DT library for Codesys 3?

What is the replacement part number for 140262 or CAN-4AO/UI ?

What type of sensor should I use for EU2E-SWD-4DD-1?

What type of sensor should I use for EU8E-SWD-16DD?

What type of sensor should I use for EU6E-SWD-8DD?

How can I find the wiring diagram of SWD4-SP-4122?

How can I find the wiring diagram of SWD4-SP-4082?

Where can I find software for the XN300 I/O System?

What can it be the replacement of XN-GW-PBDP-12MB ?

How can the acyclic data be read from a DC1 drive over Smartwire in Codesys?

What is ZMR mode on a PKE manual motor protector

Are the EASY802-DC-SWD and EASY806-DC-SWD rated for CSA Class 1 Div 2?

How is device addressing done on the SmartWire-DT network?

What is error code 135 for the EASY802 or EASY806?

How do you configure a SmartWire-DT network?

What are the origins of the SmartWire-DT technology?

What is the functional safety rating of SmartWire-DT?

What is the maximum operating length for SmartWire-DT network and how many nodes can it support?

What space requirements are necessary to include SmartWire-DT in an existing panel?

Which port do I use to connect to the XV-102 with SWD-Assist over Ethernet?

How can you tell that your components have a secure connection to the SmartWire-DT and that they have been properly addressed on the network?

Is it possible to connect with the EU5C-SWD-EIP-MODTCP gateway with SWD-Assist over Ethernet?

Can a SmartWire-DT connector be removed from the cabling after it has been crimped in place?

Which protocols are available for SmartWire-DT gateways?

How are the powerfeed modules in the SmartWire-DT system applied?

Does the PKE-SWD-32 include the PKE32-COM?

What is the SmartWire-DT adapter for the M22 4 position joystick?

How many nodes are available per SmartWire-DT network?

Is it possible to the address a SmartWire-DT node manually?

Are special tools required to use SmartWire-DT?

Can you connect analog inputs and outputs to SmartWire-DT?

What is the voltage of the SmartWire-DT system?

How do you connect Emergency Stop pushbuttons in a SmartWire-DT network?

Are there any other device level networks that have the same capability as SmartWire-DT?

Is SmartWire-DT a proprietary network or an open protocol?

What is SmartWire-DT?