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How can the acyclic data be read from a DC1 drive over Smartwire in Codesys?

SmartWire-DT acyclic library must be used in Codesys.  The function block name is SWD_DX_NET_PnuRead


Acyclic data reading over SWD from DC1 in Codesys 3:


1)      If your DC1 is old, you will need to upgrade firmware on DC1.  ( when you open your Drive connect software it will check updates automatically and then go to Firmware update on the menu )

2)      You will need SWD and acyclic Libraries

3)      cyclic data control comes under IO map in Codesys 3.  

4)      You need to add the attached library in Codesys 3. 

5)     For example :    PNU number for motor current is 504.  Sub 0

6)      Momentary signal is enough for cRead .  You don’t have to keep this input TRUE all the time.  If you want update current reading regularly such as  every sec, you will need to use additional functional blocks to create a cycle.  

  1. PNURead.png