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Can I still buy an Easy500,700,800 processor or expansion module?

No, the original generation of the Easy Relays,  the EASY500 Series, EASY700 Series, and EASY800 Series have all been obsoleted and replaced by the EASY-E4 generation of the product.

See the following website for more information

Also see the PDF for a list of cross reference part numbers. Easy_Customer_Announcement_20200508.pdf

There is a newer software package to support the newer hardware and the license can be purchased by ordering EASYSOFT-SWLIC.

The older or original EasySoft6 program file can be opened in the EasySoft7 application and it will automatically convert the program, but if there are any issues the original program can be emailed to for assistance in the conversion.

There is no proprietary communication cable required for the EASY-E4 modules, just a simple, ordinary Cat5 Ethernet patch cord.


  1. Easy_Customer_Announcement_20200508.pdf