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What is the difference between the easy500, 700 and 800 relays?

The three families in the easyRelay programable relay line differ in their amount of I/O points and ability to use fieldbus protocols such as easyNet, CANopen and DeviceNet. 

  • easy500  -  For controlling small applications with 12 I/O points. Can connect to Ethernet for remote programming with the EASY209-SE gateway.
  • easy700  -  For controlling medium-sized applications with 20 I/O points (expandable up to 40 I/O). Can connect to fieldbus modules for additional communication options in addition to Ethernet.
  • easy800  -  For controlling large-scale applications with 20 I/O points (expandable up to 320 I/O using the easyNet network). Same communication options as the easy700.

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