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What is the replacement part number for D100CR20A?

D100CR20A is requires 115Vac input to operate.  This D100 PLC has 12 Digital inputs (24Vdc) and 8 Relay outputs.  Following ELC  configuration can be offered to replace it.


1)  ELC2-PC12NNDR  (8 Inputs / 6 Relay Outputs)

2)  ELC-EX08NNDR  (4 inputs / 4 Relay Outputs)

3) ELC-PS02  ( 48W, 2 Amp, 24Vdc output Power Supply)

4) ELC-CBPCELC1   ( PLC PRogramming Cable)

5) ELCSOFT   (ELC ptogramming Software)


Important Note:  Above mentioned parts only offered to replace hardware.  The new PLC needs to be programming based on the application requirements.  


Please find attached documents for more information.