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What does it mean if I see “Something went wrong - Ok” in Control Xpert Ag?

Below are some of the scenario potentially trigger this error message: 

1. Failed to create a User Account 

2. Failed to download contents of End User License Agreement (EULA) 

3. Failed to verify User Email Address 

4. Failed to create a Password 

5. Failed to reset password using Forgot Password 

6. Failed to Create an Organization 

7. Failed to Join an Organization 

8. Failed to authenticate User while Log In 

9. Failed to download Devices List 

10. Failed to Refresh Devices List 

11. Failed to download Device Details 

12. Failed to Add a Device 

13. Failed to Remove a Device 

14. Failed to Edit a Device 

15. Failed to download User Details in Settings 

16. Failed to Edit Account Details 

17. Failed to Change the Organization 

And also,

Poor network carrier strength 

PX White server is down or under maintenance 

AMI Cloud server is down or under maintenance 

AMI gateway activation is in progress 

Connection lost between AMI gateway and AMI Cloud. 

Connect lost between AMI cloud and PX White Cloud