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Magnum Renewal Parts

The Magnum Renewal Parts Guide can be used to select replacement parts or additional breaker accessories such as shunt trips, spring releases, auxiliary switches. It also includes mechanical replacement parts, such as the charging handle, faceplate, and pushbutton covers.

If you want to change the rating plug size, don't forget to change the breaker sensors, too! These must match for proper breaker functionality. Kits that include the rating plug and the sensors are listed on page 11.

If you want to upgrade a trip unit to have ARMS capabilities, contact for guidance in selecting the appropriate kit.

  • If the catalog number on the trip unit does not start with "5ARM" (520MC) or "11ARM" (1150+) then the trip unit does not have ARMS capabilities, and additional parts beyond the trip unit are required to add ARMS.
    • Examples include: 5, 5M, 5C, 11, 11P

If you want to retrofit an existing breaker to have an RMS digitrip, refer to the Trip Unit Retrofit Kits section of the aftermarket catalog, starting on page 17.

If you have Magnum DS switchgear, LVA renewal parts are available. Work with your local Eaton sales engineer for support on the swithgear/switchboard.

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