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NRX Digitrip 1150

The NRX Digitrip line of trip units consists of the model 1150 that conforms to UL standards, and model 1150i that conforms to IEC standards. The lowest available current setting is 200A for NF frame breakers, and 800A for RF frame breakers.

Protection settings options:

  • LSI - Long delay, Short Delay, Instantaneous
  • LSIG - Long delay, Short Delay, Instantaneous, Ground Fault Trip
  • LSIA - Long delay, Short Delay, Instantaneous, Ground Fault Alarm
  • Instantaneous trip can be disabled

External control power is not required to operate the basic overcurrent protection functions; the trip unit operates through current sensors mounted in the breaker. When the breaker trips, an LED on the trip unit will indicate the cause of trip.


The power module (DPS):

  • 24 Vdc
  • 6 VA
  • Display will be functional even when the breaker has no load

Current metering starts at 2% of the rating plug value. The accuracy is 1% of the reading.

The green status LED blinks approximately once per second to indicate normal operations. 

NRX Digitrip 1150 Time/Current Curve.

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