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Power Defense Insulated Case Circuit Breakers

The Power Xpert Release (PXR) 20/25 trip unit, along with current sensors and a trip actuator, is the subsystem of a circuit breaker which provides the protective function. The PXR trip unit consists of two modules, the frame module and the control module. The control module contains a microcontroller that performs true RMS current sensing measurements and calculations for protection. It may be replaced in the field. The frame module is matched to the ratings of the circuit breaker and permanently attached to the circuit breaker frame. It should not be removed or exchanged.

Protection settings options:

  • LSI - Long delay, Short Delay, Instantaneous
  • LSIG/LSIA - Long delay, Short Delay, Instantaneous, Ground Fault Trip or Alarm
  • Instantaneous trip can be disabled
  • Ground fault can be disabled

External control power is not required to operate the basic overcurrent protection functions. When the breaker trips, an LED on the trip unit will indicate the cause of trip.

The Power Xpert Protection Manager (PXPM) software is a Microsoft® Windows-based software that configures, controls, and tests Eaton PXR 20/25 trip units. The user can create, modify, and save setting configurations for PXR 20/25 trip units. The software further allows the user to reset trip units, adjust trip unit’s date and time, capture current or voltage waveforms, and perform trip or no-trip tests. A free version is available on the website that has basic access to communicate with the PXR and read real time data, but the testing feature is not available. PXPM licenses are available to all for credit card purchase on


PXR 20

  • Optional Arc Flash Reduction Maintenance Mode (ARMS) - can reduce arc flash incident energy that is generated on a fault condition
  • Optional Modbus RTU communications
  • Zone Selective Interlocking (ZSI) can be enabled or disabled through the menu system

PXR 25

  • Arc Flash Reduction Maintenance Mode (ARMS) standard - can reduce arc flash incident energy that is generated on a fault condition
  • Modbus RTU communications standard
  • Zone Selective Interlocking (ZSI) can be enabled or disabled through the menu system
  • External PT module required for voltage and power metering (catalog number NRXDTPTM)

An external Communications Adapter Module (CAM) can be added to allow electrical opening or closing of the breaker via communications (using a shunt trip or spring release, respectively).

Providing auxiliary power will provide full functionality even when the circuit breaker is open or when the circuit breaker is under very light load such that the self-powering current transformer cannot provide sufficient energy to fully power the trip unit. Auxiliary power is only available as 24VDC, and the power consumption is 6W.

Current metering starts at 10% of the rating plug value. The accuracy is 1% of the reading.

The green status LED blinks approximately once per second to indicate normal operations. 

NF and RF PXR20/25 Time/Current Curve.

Additional Time/Current Curves are sorted by product.

Additional information on this breaker is available on the website.

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