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How to Program the 1150+ Trip Unit

Protection settings are changed by navigating through the menu systems: PGM SET -> CURRENT. Other options in the PGM SET menu allow you to change other settings (ex: voltage protection). Appendix D in the instructional leaflet has display menu diagrams. 

Use the View Functions arrows (#1 in the below image) to navigate up/down to the required menu, and use SELect to enter the menu. ESCape backs you out to the previous menu.

Use the Edit Values arrows (#2 in the below image) to change a setting. It does not matter if you use the up or down arrow, but if there are a long list of available settings, it may be faster to go one way vs the other. Refer to the menu diagrams in the instructional leaflet to see the order. Once you get to the setting you want, press the Save button TWICE. The first press brings up a message asking if you are sure you want to save. The second press actually saves the settings.

Note that all settings are changed in the PGM SET menu. VIEW SET allows you to see what the settings are, but does not allow changes.

The protective cover that goes over the trip unit only allows access to the View Functions buttons, the Reset button, and the Battery Test button. In order to access the Edit Values and Save buttons, the user will have to remove the cover using the two screws at the bottom. The screws have small holes so sealing wire can be inserted to prevent tampering.

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