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Open a Safety Switch when it is in the "ON" position

The following information regarding "defeating" the switch when it is in the "ON" position:


General Duty (DG) : DG Defeator Pin:  The general duty switch 30,60,100 can be opened by simply moving the handle to the right when the switch is in the on position, it has no defeator pin. The DG switch 200 amps and over it has the "K" switch and does have the defeator pin. 



Heavy Duty (DH) :  The heavy duty safety switch has a defeater mechanism which is in-between the handle and the side of the switch.  By taking a small device like a screwdriver, simply pry the defeater pin 
                                either Up or Down.  The defeater pin has a springle that allows the pin to move which when doing this, simply open the door. 







Double Throw (DT) : The double-throw does not come with a standard way to defeat the switch - it can be modified at the flex center.
                                  The modification is it will have a Screw on the front of the panel much like the Shunt Trip Switch.

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