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Where can I find drawings for Enclosed Control?

Dimensional drawings for our Enclosed Control products can be found in our catalog: Volume 10, Tab 14 - Enclosed Dimensions

First, use the Box References section to determine the box number corresponding to the enclosed product (Size 2 Freedom contactor, XT Frame C contactor w/ an HMCP, etc.) and box type (Type 1, 3R, 4X, 12, etc.).

Next, head over to the Box Dimensions section to find the dimensions corresponding to the box number found above.

See the example below: Need to find dimensions for a Type 3R enclosed NEMA Size 3 Freedom starter with a CPT

Step 1) Find the Box Number

Looking at the index on page 1 of Volume 10, Tab 14, it is determined that Freedom Series Box References start on page 2. With contactors on page 2, we scroll down to page 3 where non-combination starters are located. Here, we find the section for Type 3R, 4/4X, 12 Freedom Non-Combination Starters, seeing that a NEMA Size 3 with a CPT is built in a Box No. 8 (see the image below).

Step 2) Find the Dimensions

The Box Dimensions section starts on page 13. Scrolling through, we locate Box 8, Type 3R on page 19.

For more information, see our Enclosed Control Product Overview

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