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What does "Power down resources are critical" mean on the XV-102

In the XV-102 series, there are capacitors that extend the shutdown time in case of a loss of power so CoDeSys will have enough time to save the Retained (or latched) data and memory in the program.  If this message appears, it means that the system shut down before the data could be fully saved.

You can check on the status of these powerfail capacitors on the XV by doing the following:

1)  Close the Visualization by pushing the small button on the side of the XV

2)  If connecting form a computer, open the Remote Client.

3)  From the Remote Client window on your computer, or directly on the XV if working at the unit,      go to "Start" --> "Run" (Please see the Figure 1 below)

4)  Type in the Run box "system.exe -powerfail"

Windoes CE display showing Start bar and Run menu.  Run menu says system.exe -powerfail Figure 1

The powerfail information will be displayed as in Figure 2

 Figure 2

In this case, this shows that the system has a 148 ms power fail delay to backup the data.  If you are seeing the PowerDown Resources are Critical message, this number will likely be 0 ms, indicating that the capacitors have failed.

To get rid of this message, the panel will need to be replaced.

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