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Offering details of RMQ-16 Pushbuttons

RMQ-16 pushbuttons come in both 18 x 18 mm (Q18) and 25 x 25 mm (Q25) sizes and are designed for high density panel mounting. The types of devices available include:

  • Pushbuttons (non-illuminated or illuminated)
  • Indicating Lights (flush or extended)
  • Emergency Stops (non-illuminated or illuminated)
  • Selector Switches (non-illuminated, illuminated, or keyed)

Each button can accept up to 2 contact blocks each rated at 4 Amps for up to 250 VAC applications with lower ratings for up to 250 VDC. The mounting hole is 16.2 mm in diameter for both the 18 and 25 mm square sizes. Custom laser printed legend plates are available using the -ETCH suffix, indicating design in the order notes.

See the catalog for more information on selecting RMQ-16 pushbuttons.

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