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How do I select a definite purpose or DP contactor or starter?

When selecting a definite purpose contactor or starter, you will need to know how many amps you need the contactor to handle, how many poles it needs to be and what the coil voltage is. If you just need a contactor only, they come as panel mounted versions or up to 50amps can be ordered with a din rail option.  No aux contacts are included - order those seperately.  See below catalog pages (link) for part# selection.  DP contactors have 2 ratings - one for motor loads which is shown in the "Inductive Full Load" column, and another rating for non-motor, resistive type loads.  If you are unsure, always better to use the motor ratings just to make sure you are covered for all load types.

With this information, products can be selecting using the tables in the catalog -> Volume 5, Tab 4

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For more information, see our Definite Purpose Product Overview.

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