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How do I select an IEC contactor or motor starter?

When selecting an IEC contactor or starter from our XT family, which is the current offering as of 2007, you will need to know your load amps or your motor horsepower and voltage.  You will also need to know the coil voltage, which is the control voltage that you will apply to the contactor to tell it to pull in (turn on).    The XT line is din rail mountable up to 65amps.  It has bimetallic adjustable type overload relays (XTOB) as well as solid state overload relays (XTOE).   They are available in 3 and 4 pole versions.  In the catalog pages attached below you will see 2 tables - one for the UL way of selecting a controller  - which is by motor horsepower, and the other is the IEC tables which show an amp rating for AC-3 (motor applications) as well as an amp rating for resistive (non-motor), labeled as AC-1.    Add the proper coil voltage code to the end of the part# to complete it.

IEC Contactors and Starters Catalog Pages

For enclosed versions of these contactors and starters (in a box) refer to the Volume 10 catalog - here's that link:

Enclosed IEC contactors and Starter Catalog pages

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