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C440 LED is not flashing

If the LED is dark at all times it is possible that the overload is no longer working and not protecting. The overload will not trip if the LED is not flashing prior.

The LED indicates that the C440 is alive and measuring current. In this case the C440 must be externally powered, so it is alive and measuring, even though it’s measuring zero with the motor off. If the C440 is not externally powered, then the LED would be off with the motor off since it is not being powered by the main lines.

The LED flashing is dictated by the amount of power available. In the case of the lower current models (minimal run power), “Min” pretty much means Minimum FLA - ~10%. 

With the high current models the LED should flash below min FLA. 

If the motor FLA is near the minimum current range of the overload it may take 1 – 2 minutes for the LED to start flashing.


What are the functions of the C440/XTOE Health Status LED?