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How do I select an enclosed Freedom NEMA starter?

The most common enclosed starter is our Freedom NEMA family of starters.  To select these you will need to know what size starter you want (NEMA size 1, 2, etc) or the horsepower and voltage of the motor.  Also needed is the coil voltage (control voltage) and enclosure type (NEMA 1, NEMA 12, NEMA 3R etc.  We offer non-combination starters (no disconnect in the box) and combination type (disconnect included - fusible, non-fusible or circuit breaker disconnects available).   See below link for catalog pages.  Just about any option you can think of can be added to these boxes - CPTs, pushbuttons, relays, terminal blocks, pilot lights, solid state overload relays to name a few.

For modification codes see this section of Volume 10.