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Lighting Contactor Selection

Eaton currently offers a few different options/types of lighting contactors.  If you need a mechanically held lighting contactor for an application that is 30amps or less per pole, we reccommend using our C30CNM series.  These have reversible power poles that can be attached as either normally open or normally closed.   Be sure to properly select the 2 wire control module or the 3wire control modules depending on your application.

What is the difference between 2-wire and 3-wire control modules?

For mechanically held applications over 30amps, we offer the A202 series of lighting contactors which are a magnetically latched contactor that operates similiarly to a mechanically held contactor.

For electrically held applications, we have the CN35 family which is ideal for 2-4 pole applications from 10-400amps that need only normally open poles.   The C30CNE family can have up to 12poles on it, and can be configured as normally open or normally closed poles.  The C30CNE line is limited to 30amps.

For the open part# selection of all of these families see below catalog pages.

Open Contactors

For the enclosed versions of these lighting contactors, please refer to these catalog pages in Volume 10:

Enclosed Contactors

For more information, see our Lighting Contactors Product Overview

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