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Warranty information for CH and BR breaker

There is a limited lifetime warranty on all Eaton CH & BR breakers. Eaton CH breaker carries lifetime warranty and BR breaker carries 10-year warranty.  Once the breaker is verified to be faulty it can be exchanged with new breaker from Eaton. For warranty claim and breaker troubleshooting please refer below comment :

Eaton recommends first to trouble shoot the system. A simple method to ascertain if a breaker is faulty as mentioned in the ‘General troubleshooting guidelines’ section on Page 2 of the attached. It details how to test a breaker by isolating it from the load, so that you know if the breaker is bad or not. The breaker will flash an LED trip code, diagnosis for which is covered under the ‘LED trip indication’ section. If the breaker fails, the test - trip code 6 (self-test failure) only then should it be replaced. In such case Eaton provides free replacement under warranty. You can share your full shipping address and breaker part number along with breaker quantity to get free replacement. You can share all above details at @


To find part number please refer attached image and find breaker part number as shown in attached figure.

  1. Residential_Troubleshooting_Manual.pdf
  1. breaker_Part_Number.jpg
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