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Back feeding or reverse feeding residential circuit breakers

Most Eaton's Thermal Magnetic Quicklag and Residential Breakers (Type CH and Type BR) can be used in back feed or reverse feed applications. However, the residential breakers with arc fault (AF) and ground fault (GF) capabilities are NOT suitable for back feeding.

A breaker that is acceptable for reverse feed usually has the following characteristics;

  • It won't have "LINE" and "LOAD" marked on the top and bottom ends of the breaker.
  • Factory Sealed - The circuit breaker's cover will be sealed to the circuit breaker's base.

Requirements/Limitations for back feeding a breaker:

  • Make sure to check with your local inspector or Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ).
  • The branch breaker used in back feed application should have proper hold down kit (or retaining bracket).
  • Work must be performed by a licensed electrician.


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